Tuesday, September 9, 2008

How much I hate ignorance......

Well, I guess there's not really a scale for how much I hate ignorance, but it's pretty high up there. Rudy was unfortunately stuck at a 'redneck' day care for the past year, when his old day care director (Ms. Haney) left to get a child-care degree (she had been running the day care for 20 years, then the 'board' decided it wasn't enough). Her replacment was this seriously red-neck ignorant bible thumping woman named Angie. Not only did she implement hard and fast gender roles on the children (boys don't do this, girls don't do this, etc.), but they also informed us 2 weeks ago that they will no longer call Rudy "Rudy". They will only call him "Jesse". Apparently they feel that once in Kindergarten, kids are NOT called by thier middle names or nicknames. I don't know where the hell she went to school, but clearly she was home schooled by someone as ignorant as she is. The final straw was on Thursday, when we get a call saying "Rudy woke up from his nap with a rash - you need to come pick him up". We picked him up, and ths is what he looks like:

After talking to Rudy for a while, it appears that he found a fire-ant nest. We had him Benadryled to the limit, plus oatmeal baths and ointments, and 3 days later, they all blistered. I took him to school the next day, and Angie informed me that he "HAS A RASH, and we're SURE it's contagious. He has to leave." Seriously, how ignorant can you be??? And this woman is in charge of my child's safety? Hell no! Due to divine providence, Ms. Haney opened her own day care last week, and Rudy has been blissfully running into her 'school' every day.

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