Wednesday, October 1, 2008

State Fair 2008

This past weekend we took the kids to the State Fair ~ Rudy always looks forward to riding the "dragon" roller coaster, I always look forward to seeing (yes, and smelling) the animals, and Gracie likes to hear the loud music. This was the year of Rudy being a daredevil. He rode the kid coaster a few times, racing for the front car, and standing up in his seat. Then he wanted something bigger and faster, so he rode the Himalayan. Once again, hanging out of his seat and trying to stand up. The best part was how 'tall' he stood up when he was measured in order to get on the ride. I think he stretched every vertebrae he had in order to get on the big boy ride. Time for him to visit Aunt Heather and go to Cedar Point!!

Virginia Beach

Ahhh.... I love the beach. You wouldn't guess it, as I don't like the water, and I don't like the hot sun. But it's so peaceful - especially when we always try to go after labor day, when it's still warm, but the tourists have mostly left town. Rudy was a 'little brave', and actually got his whole body wet. Gracie as always, was a fish - she loves the water. And Doni loved the water one day, and didn't love it the next. But, like all kids, he loved the sand.