Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year 2008

Happy New Year!
Happy to say, there's not much new to report. Christmas was nice - Rudy got a HUGE amount of Lincoln Logs, and yet, his favorite toy is a last-minute purchase of a 3 dollar figurine of the Red Power Ranger. Gracie got, as she says, 6 thousand Pokemon cards. And Doni got some plastic toys to chew on (although he regularly chooses to chew on the Lincoln Logs).

For New Years Eve, we went to the downtown mall for First Night as usual - it was cold, but very nice, as the city did thier fireworks at 9pm this year. We saw the Swordsmen (2 guys who did a skit on how to be romantic men - while swordsplaying), and Brett Leake (a comedian). My favorite part from the comedian (there were lot) was, as he was discussing how we should all think about things a little deeper: "I was driving down the road one day, when a Salvation Army 18-wheeler semi truck passed me. And I thought........Hey, who gave them that? I want my belt back!" The guy was a trip! Also, had severe muscular dystrophy, and had to be physically moved from his wheel chair to the seat on the stage. He commented that as his M.D. was getting worse, and he was walking down the street, jerking and having to pause now and then, a child walked up to him and asked him why he was snapping in and out like that. His response?.......... "I'm a Transformer! Once I get around the corner I'll be a dunebuggy and I'll be OFF!" Cool guy. So, he mentioned that his mom took care of the family - his dad has MD, he has MD, and his brother has MD. Am I the only person who didn't know MD was hereditary?