Friday, November 7, 2008

Flu Shots

Yesterday, we took all 3 kids to get thier flu shots (John and I already had ours for the season). Naturally, we expected Rudy to have a hard time with it. And we weren't kidding. Gracie got the first shot. She whippered and said "ouch", but was fine a few seconds later. Then Doni went. He didn't complain at all, except he didn't want to lay down. During Doni's shot, Rudy starts backing towards the exam room door, crying in a paniced voice that he wanted to 'run away'. I turn around in time to see the door swinging open, and Rudy is no where to be found. The boy ran out of the exam room, through the office, and out the front door into the parking lot. He was NOT going to get a shot. So, we restrained him and he got his shot, and he was fine a minute later. All the while, Doni is staring at him like "what the heck is your problem, bro?". I feel bad for the kids getting thier shots, but Rudy cracks me up.

Also, Rudy and Gracie weighed/measured them selves: Rudy has grown 2 inches since June, and Gracie is 5'4" and weighs 120 pounds. The kids have all grown like tomatoes this year (my dentist once said kids grown like tomatoes - in the warmest months). I'm so happy seeing them look and feel so healthy!!