Monday, November 26, 2007

The Floan

We finally went and upgraded our phones this weekend. Pictures, Text, and all the goodies. John's phone naturally rings to the tune of Johnny Cash - Ring of Fire. I put our old, now defunct, phones on the table - not sure what to do with them (recycle or throw out?). Then Rudy saw them. He wanted to know if he could use my 'floan' to call his friends. He also explained that it's just pretend. So, he now calls every one he knows at all times - he makes sure we know that he has a floan and is ready to call anyone he wants. This morning he called Gracie, Mommie, Joshua, Trevor, and Lucas. When he calls, he actually carries on pretty lengthy conversations - "Hi Trevor, you can come over to my house and play with my cars, and then we can play together, and then you need to be nice, and then we can play outside, and then we can go to school.' The boy keeps things interesting. With his floan.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

My Drama Queen

My little baby Drama Queen Rudy.... he cracks me up. Last night I gave him a hug and kiss goodnight, then explained for the 50th time that he 'really needs to lay down and go to sleep'. Finally I was losing my patience, and I said 'Rudy, please lay down - Mommie has a sore throat and I want to go to bed too'. IMMEDIATELY, he stands up and starts bouncing up and down excitedly, telling me that "Today, I was playing with Joshua, and Joshua pushed me, and... (here is where he stopped jumping and got very serious and looked like he was going to die right there on the bed)....and, I got a FROAT.' Yes, poor Rudy - he got a froat. As far as I can figure, after hearing about the mysterious 'froat' for weeks, it means he spit up in his mouth. Or coughed something up. But to my drama queen, he's pretty sure he's going to die. As he says regularly, writhing on the floor, doing his best Shakespearean death scene, "I'm SICK!! I'm OLD! I have a FROAT!". Poor boy - no one takes him seriously.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Halloween 2007

Another Halloween has come and gone, and it was another great one. Gracie was a vampire fairie (or as Rudy calls it: a VamPirate!), Rudy was Superman, and Doni wore a shirt that said "I'm so cute it's scary". We went to the Lake as always, and there were some great scary houses. Rudy was his typical self, and would inform the home-owners if they didn't give him the correct candy. All 3 kids were in great spirits and were sweet the entire night. Because Halloween was on Wednesday, we waited until Saturday to celebrate - we carved pumpkins and did the "big dump" of candy. By far, the favorite treat from trick-or-treating was the fake teeth. Rudy got pirate teeth, and Gracie got vampire teeth. 5 days later, the kids still wont take them out :)

On Sunday we celebrated Gracie's 12th birthday by going out to Tiffanys and she gorged herself on crab legs again :) I can't believe she's 12. Beautiful, smart, and full of attitude - perfect in every way.

A New Cat - Really.

We figured 6 cats was not nearly enough. Actually, what happened was this: we shop at PetSmart for our animal food. And everytime we go get kitty litter, we pass the 'cat window' where the SPCA has thier cats for adoption. We always 'ooh' and 'ahh' over the cute little kitties, but there was this one cat that showed up about a month ago - beige colored and I fell in love. But there was no way I wanted another cat. So a month passes, and I keep seeing this cat. No one has adopted him - probably because he was over a year old and just liked to sleep. One Saturday I decided I had enough - I wanted to hold him to see what he was like. I picked him up - he immediately kissed me. I was hooked. 3 days later, he was ours. You can see in the picture what it was that intrigued me - he is a Hemmingway cat.