Thursday, November 8, 2007

My Drama Queen

My little baby Drama Queen Rudy.... he cracks me up. Last night I gave him a hug and kiss goodnight, then explained for the 50th time that he 'really needs to lay down and go to sleep'. Finally I was losing my patience, and I said 'Rudy, please lay down - Mommie has a sore throat and I want to go to bed too'. IMMEDIATELY, he stands up and starts bouncing up and down excitedly, telling me that "Today, I was playing with Joshua, and Joshua pushed me, and... (here is where he stopped jumping and got very serious and looked like he was going to die right there on the bed)....and, I got a FROAT.' Yes, poor Rudy - he got a froat. As far as I can figure, after hearing about the mysterious 'froat' for weeks, it means he spit up in his mouth. Or coughed something up. But to my drama queen, he's pretty sure he's going to die. As he says regularly, writhing on the floor, doing his best Shakespearean death scene, "I'm SICK!! I'm OLD! I have a FROAT!". Poor boy - no one takes him seriously.

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