Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I went to Bristol, TN for the nighttime NASCAR race in August. I was interested in going (Bristol is known as the 'toughest ticket in NASCAR'), but knew I was probably in for a pretty boring time. Turns out I actually had a great time. Our seats were good, and there were a few wrecks, and I only saw one set of extremely stinkin' drunk people. One thing I just couldn't get over is how much money is involved in NASCAR. Look at all of these people. At several hundred dollars a ticket, not to mention the "fan" merchandise. I love that picture though - it's the preparation for the pledge of allegiance and each pit crew is standing in a line in front of the pits. Very cool. By the way - Paula Dean was the special announcer at the beginning of the race. I do NOT recommend hearing her voice amplified on race speakers. My ears are still ringing with "Howdy Y'all!!!!"

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