Tuesday, September 11, 2007

She did it!!

My baby girl finally did it! She got her ears pierced on Saturday! She was very brave, and cried quietly after the first puncture, but stuck with it. She has taken very good care of them and some how seems more mature with them. Here's the weird thing: The person that pierced her ears. You all know that we live in Charlottesville - very artistic and educational, and at the same time, very "country". So we go to Claires in our mall, and the young woman who pierces Gracie's ears is all in black goth - 16 piercings in her face, tattoos, black long dreds (with the sides of her head shaved), and Amy Winehouse black eyeliner. Then she pulls up her sleeves and she's a 'cutter' - with fresh wounds. I had to look around repeatedly to make sure I was still in Charlottesville - I almost wanted to ask her if she was lost. While at Claires, Gracie found the next pair of earrings she wants - skulls and crossbones :)

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