Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A stomach virus comes calling...

Last night I put the kids to bed, and all was calm in the house as I prepared for those few short hours between the 2 older kids wanting something (water/potty/blankies/'what are we doing tomorrow?' questions) and when the baby wakes up for a feeding or to play with his toes. However, during the run of 'older kid issues' right after they went to bed, Rudy explains that his tummy hurts. And in good mom fashion, my response was basically 'suck it up and go to sleep' after my 4th trip upstairs. At 9pm, the first round of vomiting began. And continued on every 20 minutes until 2am. The poor baby was just crying in pain and was so pitiful as he tried to sleep on the towels that replaced the 2 sets of bedding he 'christened'. Then this morning, I received word that Gracie vomited as well. So now, I have to think....did I poison my kids with pot roast last night?

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