Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Doni was baptised this weekend, and as a special treat, the priest (Father George) decided that we would do it DURING mass. It actually turned out quite lovely. Doni was handsome in his finest white christening outfit - complete with tie that he kept in his mouth the entire day. Gracie was gorgeous in a blue dress, and my little man Rudy wore a suit - complete with vest. Doni's godparents are Yasmin and Mark, who graciously ran away from work for 2 hours in order to be there for us (why anyone would decide to be a doctor is beyond me :) I can't thank them enough for being a part of our lives - I'm thankf ul every day for thier friendship. At the end of Doni's baptism, the priest asked to hold Doni up for the congregation to see and 'bless', and he said loudly for all to hear "My goodness he's a LOAD". Yes, my little baby is a little big for a 4 month old :)

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Jennifer said...

Love the picture!!! and I LOVE gracie's outfit :) Sooo cute!