Monday, December 10, 2007

Snow, Glasses, and Missiles!

What a December this has been!

Let's start with "snow". It snowed last week - the first time it's snowed in December since I've lived here. I was so happy - it only lasted a few days, but it was nice. Maybe we'll get a white Christmas (although it's 65 degrees this week).

Now on to "glasses". Gracie got her first pair of glasses this month. She looks so mature in them, and she is exstatic to be able to read things from a distance. It's pretty funny to see her exclaim in excitement things like "Chip Clip!! I can read it!!!".

Now on to "missiles". I know you were curious. Actually, it should read "kitty missiles" which I'm sure would have caught your eye even more. So, I'm driving to work on Friday, going North on 29, as I do every day, and Boleyn was on my shoulders, resting, waiting for another fun day at work. Then, for as far as the eye can see, the road turned to ice. It was a pretty amazing sight. Every car for the 2 miles that I could see, wrecked all at once. The truck in front of me started spinning in circles, and I tried to brake (what a waste- we were on ICE), but it didn't matter because the truck behind me took out the back of my minivan. Sadly for John, the phone was on the front seat, as I was talking to him, saying "my windshield just turned to ice, the weather has gotten worse", when the car in front of me spun out, so he heard crunching metal and my screaming before I was able to get back on the phone to ask him to come help. Poor guy.

But anyway, the accident could have defintiely been worse - Rte 29 was closed for 4 hours on Friday due to the intensity of all the accidents. My van stayed upright, and I only had minor injuries (tore my trapezius muscle in my back and cracked the T1 vertebrae in my neck, and spained my shoulders/neck). So, I'm in pain, but it could have been SO much worse. The guy who hit me was even ok - poor Bubba - he came over after about an hour and was crying saying "I apologize ma'am - I'm so sorry ma'am".

Oh yes- remember Boleyn? Well, he was on my shoulders when I was hit, and he flew into the windshield going 30 miles an hour. I shouldn't laugh, but he was PISSED :)

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