Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Fall Celebrations

Well, it's Halloween season, and that means it's "Apple Patch" time (as Rudy calls it - it's NOT a pumpkin patch). We went to Carters Mountain 2 weeks ago for apple cider donuts and an apple cider slushie. It was warm, so there were more people on that small mountain than I have ever seen. Rudy's favorite part was beating on trees and pumpkins with a stick. Then, last weekend we went to Graves Mountain Lodge and had a great time. Once again, it's been warm, so everyone and their brother was there. We ate Brunswick Stew and fried apples and got a bunch of Graves Mtn jams and cider. As soon as we got home, John looked for recipes for Brunswick Stew (if you know us, you know that we have close to 75 cook-books). I've been trying to make large batches of food to freeze, so I was thinking that Stew would be a good one to try. However, with John's approval, we will be making Brunswick Stew WITHOUT squirrel. I've been in Virginia for 7 years, and that's not quite long enough to justify eating rodents.

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